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ProSafe is a tracking system that features a lightweight, slim profile aluminum track. It is best known for its Velcro tabs for special applications, and is also available with nylon gliders.

ProSafe Track with Velcro tabs is perfect for use in:
• Institutional or Correctional Facility Shower curtains

• Specialty Shower Curtains

• Specialty Draperies

• Psychiatric Shower curtains


The curtains in this system feature Velcro on the top header so that they can be attached to the tabs on the track. The Velcro tabs can slide along the track, making it possible to open and close a curtain once it is attached. If excessive pressure is put on the curtain it will break away from the tabs on the track to keep patients from harming themselves.

Correctional Facility Shower curtain with Velcro and mesh header, Clear vinyl bottom

Shower Curtain with Velcro and mesh header

Shower Curtain with Velcro header, No mesh


No Records


Correctional Facility Shower curtain with Velcro and mesh header, Clear vinyl bottom

Shower Curtain with Velcro and mesh header

Shower Curtain with Velcro header, No mesh


Questions are good answers are BETTER !

Q: How can I order track if I’m not sure of exactly what parts I need?

A: If you know the length of track that you need you can order online by selecting one of our TRACK KITS. Once we receive your order we will contact you to verify the track configuration and if your order requires any angles. We will calculate how many end caps, pull outs, splices, and carriers you need!

Q:How many carriers will I receive with the track kit?

A:The track kit comes with 2.5 carriers per linear foot.

Q: What type of carriers would you recommend for our track?

A: We recommend spool carriers for several reasons:
• Wheel carriers have moving parts that can fall or break off. Spool Carriers do not have any moving parts.

• Wheel carriers ride inside the track, so any debris caught inside the track will cause them to get stuck or not ride smoothly. If any screws are loose or not completely fastened they will also get stuck at this point. Spool carriers ride only in the upper part of the track with the body hanging.

• Spool carriers do not have an axle, so they are not as affected by the bends in most track configurations.

Q: Does the track kit come with everything I need?

A: Yes. Your track kit will come with all the accessories you need. The only additional items you need to provide are the appropriate screws to attach the track to your mounting surface. You can refer to our “Recommended Installation Details” sheet in the Doc Library for this information.

Q: Can I buy track without the accessories?

A: Yes, Cube Care Classic Track can also be purchased by itself in straight pieces of 6 or 8 feet, 90 degree angles, or 45 degree angles. (Product No. CCT-XX)

Q: What is the bending radius in your track angles?

A: Our track includes 12” radius bends.

Q: What configurations are available with your Classic Track?

A: Classic track is available in straight pieces as well as 90 degree and 45 degree bends. Refer to the “Standard Track Layouts” in the Doc Library for various track configurations that can be built with our Classic Track.

Q: What are the dimensions of your Cube Care Classic Track?

A: Classic track is 1-3/8” wide x ¾” in depth. You can refer to the Doc Library for Shop Drawings of our tracks and carriers.

Q: What is the difference between Classic Track and the other types of tracks?

A: Please see our track comparison chart for an overview of what each track is best for, as well as what carriers can be used on each track.

Q: How long will it be before my order ships?

A: Cube Care Classic track is generally available to ship within 3 business days. For Track Kits allow 1 week while your track is prepared to your measurements. Please allow time for transit. All orders are shipped out via FedEx Ground.

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