Cube Care. Pulling your spaces together seamlessly

Your turnkey solution for healthcare and commercial products.

Looking for interior decorative services for your healthcare or commercial space, but not sure where to begin? With a range of experience that includes work all over the world, our specialists can provide the services and advice that will get you everything you need. At Cube Care, you’ll have the convenience of one turnkey, full-service provider for all your commercial and healthcare interior design products and services. And if you decide to install yourself, we’ll give you all the training installation manuals and guidance you need to complete your installations properly and easily the first time.

Because we manufacture and fabricate our products right in our facility, and carry out all of our own installations and maintenance, we’ll quote you ONE price for delivering your whole order, with no added costs later on for things like installation, packaging and freight. We offer accurate and prompt in-house estimating, and base our quotes on fair market pricing and the full scope of your needs. We’ll even take your budget into account when we make recommendations. And because our solutions are turnkey, you’ll get everything you need up front, so you won’t have to circle back to buy more things later. We’ll make sure everything is covered when you walk out of our door the first time.