Healthcare Drapery & Hospital Drapes For Medical Facilities

Healthcare Drapery For Stylish Hospital Drapes

We manufacture beautiful healthcare drapery and hospital drapes that inject style and privacy into health care environments. We offer three varieties of  decorative healthcare drapery: Ripplefold, Pinch-Pleat, and Stationary Panels. If you are looking for a modern, upscale appearance, ripplefold is the ideal hospital drape to choose. In addition to the soft, ripple-like flowing folds, it is easy to install or remove and uses half the amount of fabric than the Pinch-Pleat. If you are interested in a traditional look, the pinch-pleat could be the one for your facility. While it does use more fabric, they give a classic feel to any area and are great for traditional decor. Interested in immobile drapes? We have that covered as well. Our stationary panels offer the same elegance in drapes that are meant to stay in place. Hospital privacy curtains can transform a room with trendy cubicle space. Discover which draperies suit your environment and allow us to bring your ideas to life. Contact us for more information.

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