Our reputation is spotless

The experts at Cube Care can help you stay in compliance with even the strictest maintenance codes.

Unsure about the codes and regulations for your facility Cube Care can guide you through the often-complex code requirements that apply to healthcare window treatments and cubicle curtains. We’re committed to keeping your facility in full compliance.
Hospital regulatory organizations suggest that you have your cubicle curtains cleaned at least twice a year. We’ll set up a plan that is convenient for you, and our staff will appear right on schedule. Our convenient system includes removing your existing curtains, replacing them temporarily with spares (yours or ours) that We’ll actually coordinate to hang in a presentable manner, and then cleaning and re-hanging your curtains, with each curtain in its rightful place.
Flame certificates, warranties, service logs and other pertinent information are organized in a convenient binder that we provide. We’ll even maintain the service logs for you, so your staff won’t have to deal with the burden of paperwork.
When the inevitable emergency situations arise, Cube Care is just a phone call away. You can rely on us to respond immediately, and come in to promptly remove the soiled or contaminated curtains and hang replacements. Think of us as your curtain crisis control team.
The labels we attach to each Cube Care curtain verify the type and date that service was provided, allowing for reliable, convenient reference during inspections. We also inventory the curtains and maintain meticulous records of all work performed, so you’ll never have to question your compliance again.

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