Stationary Panels

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Stationary Panels

Draperies are a wonderfully versatile type of treatment that can accomplish everything from insulating drafty windows to adding privacy to your space. When choosing the style and material of your drapes, you can also choose whether the panels should be operable or stationary. Stationary drapery panels can elevate home décor in a multitude of ways, acting as decorative accents and creating pleasing visual illusions.

Make your windows looks wider

If you have narrow or oddly-shaped windows, use stationary drapery panels hung wider than the window to make the window appear bigger. As long as you have the wall space, it’s just a matter of extending your drapery hardware beyond the width of the window. Make sure that the panel is wide enough to allow the right amount of fullness, so the drapes still look rich and substantial.


Stationary Panel Specifications

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Fire Safety

All of the fabrics found in out textile gallery are inherently flame retardant and will meet NFPA 701 fire rating requirements.

Anti-Microbial Treatments

We can treat all the fabrics with antimicrobial treatment from AEGIS upon your request.

Treated Edges

Selvage edges are removed before manufacturing as necessary.

Overlocked Serged Seams

Multiple widths are joined using overlocked serged seams with safety stitched

Typical 100% Fullness

Typical fullness is 100 % unless specified. Fullness is determined by the carriers. The closer the carriers are spaced the fuller the drapery will be

  •         o 60%
  •         o 80%
  •         o 100% ( most common)
  •         o 120%


Blind Stitched Hems

All hems are blind stitched with thread that is both flame retardant and complement color.

Double Turn Hem Allowance

The standard hem allowance is double turn at the top and double turn at the bottom, approximately 12” in total.

Double Turn Side Hems

Side hems are 1 ¼ “ wide with double turned folds.

Bottom Hem Weight

Bottom hems will have 0.25 oz corner lead weight.

Hemmed Flat

Drapery is sewn in hemmed flat.

Slight Gap

Hardware is visible as drapery is suspended under the track, leaving a slight light gap between track and drapery panels.

Drapery Manufacturing

Drapery can be manufactured lined or unlined, however lining is recommended for all drapery, keep in mind blackout lining is dry clean only, and it cannot be laundered.

Snap Installation

Snaps attach the drapery to carriers.

Snap Finish

Snaps are composed nickel plated brass to resist corrosion and rust.

Snap Tape

Snap tape is sewn into the top hem of the panel.

Stationary Panels Information:

Stationary Panels information for an traditional design and functionality. All work is performed to meet the following requirements and standard business practice.

  • • Fabric patterns matched
  • • Multiple-width drapery is overlocked stitched with half widths placed on the return side of the drapery.
  • • Drapery linings are joined by overlocking and finished with a 2.5” hem. Linings are to be placed 0.75 above the bottom of the drapery.
  • • Drapery fabricated to specified sized within .5” in lengths and 1.0” widths.

All fabrics specified must meet NPFA 701 fire rating requirements

Please visit our Textile gallery and select drapery to see the largest selection of drapery fabrics available to the healthcare and hospitality industry.

Stationary Panels

Get ready for pleated décor from ceiling to floor, in the color you desire most. Our Stationary Panel drapes are available in various colors for more ways to mix, match, and liven up your health care environment. Choose from our gallery of colors from deep, blushing reds to blues and warm neutrals to insure your Stationary Panel drapes are what you envisioned. All of our Stationary Panel draperies are manufactured by the experts at the Cube Care Company, ensuring flame-resistant fabric and NFPA 701 FR approval on all draperies.

Your choices are never limited with Stationary Panels drapes. We are determined to deliver the most ideal drapes to your facility. Simply observe the available options of Stationary Panel drapes and let us know what you need.

Drapery Window Length Options

Fullness Options:

Questions are good answers are BETTER !

1. Q: I want to achieve a traditional look in my facility, what would be my best choice?

A: Pinch Pleat give a classic feel to any area and are great for traditional decor.


2. Q: How many varieties of drapery does Cube Care offers?

A: Cube Care offers three varieties of drapery: Stationary Panels, Ripplefold and Pinch-Pleat.


3. Q: I want to achieve a modern look in my facility, what would be my best choice?

A: Ripplefold would be your best choice. This type of drapery give a looks of modern and upscale appearance. In addition to the soft, ripple-like flowing folds, it is easy to install or remove and uses half the amount of fabric than the Pinch-Pleat.


4. Q: Is the fabric used on your drapery is flame retardant?

A: Yes. All of the fabrics found in out textile gallery are inherently flame retardant and will meet NFPA 701 fire rating requirements.


5. Q: Can you treat the fabric of the drapery that I will be ordering with antimicrobial treatment?

A: Yes. We can treat all the fabrics with antimicrobial treatment from AEGIS upon your request.


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