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Whispertrac™ Motorized Drapery System


The 1000 and 3000 series, the versatile motorized-drapery systems, are setting a new standard for design and function. In addition to their clean, monochromatic, European design, WhisperTrac systems are quiet and can bend to the tightest radius for curved conditions. Depending on design, control, and size requirements, you can now choose from four models to best fit your application.

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MechoSystems has yet again set a standard by offering an architecturally sleek and technically innovative solution for low-voltage motorized draperies

WhisperTrac™ 3000 motorized system
• Operates extremely quietly.
• Can be curved up to an 8 in. radius—the industry’s tightest curve.
• Offers multiple motor options, depending on the weight load.
• Can be plugged into a standard wall outlet, requiring no special wiring.
• Features a clean, monochromatic, European design.
• Can be controlled by RF (radio frequency), IR (infrared), a wall switch or 3rd-party A/V,lighting, or automated control systems.
• Is suitable for residential, hotel, and corporate applications.
• Satisfies American Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.
• Makes complex curves and multiple bends possible.
• Both WhisperTrac™ 24v models are powerful and technologically advanced.

WhisperTrac™ 3020HD:
• Features a heavy-duty motor.
• Is the world’s quietest for its size and scale and the most powerful.
• Draws draperies to a width of over 58 ft.
• Holds drapery-weight loads up to 330 lbs. on straight tracks.
• Offers five intermediate stop positions.
• Is easily programmable by IR (infrared).
• Includes a tandem-motor option, available for extra-heavy drapery applications.

WhisperTrac™ 3032MD:
• Features a medium-duty motor.
• Functions in a conversationally quiet manner.
• Can be curved up to 32 ft.
• Holds drapery-weight loads up to 88 lbs. on straight tracks.
• Is more economical than the 3020HD heavy-duty motor. Both models.
• Operate with a decorator-style compatible paddle switch, a two- or four-button IQ® switch, a 15- channel IR (infrared) remote controller with a receiving eye, or an RF (radio-frequency) receiver and a wireless wall switch or transmitter.
• Feature symmetrical gear sets that provide universal mounts for motor placement on either end of the track.
• Can be daisy-chained with local and/or master controls.
• Interface easily with all 3rd-party A/V, lighting, and automated control systems through an internal network or a dry-contact closure.
• Is possible for IP addressing or RS232 programming via a MechoSystems IQ/485™ network- interface


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