Shower Shield Curtain

Shower Shield Curtain

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Our Shower Shield fabric has a soft shimmer effect and warm appeal. Being water repellent, intrinsically fire retardant, and having antimicrobial finish this fabric is one of our most versatile.

Fabric Specifications

72 Inches wide fabric

Offers enough width to meet your requirements.


100% polyester with VISA finish

Machine Washable

Can be wash by machine with necessary care instructions.

Superior Stain and Odor Release Properties

Most oils, greases and contaminants may be wiped off with soap, water or mild cleansers. Curtains are easily cleaned in place and maintain a fresh look. Fabrics have been treated to resist bacterial odors. Objectionable organic odors are decreased as a result of the active protection against odor-forming bacterial growth on fabric surfaces.

Water Repellent

This type of fabric is treated for such a purpose with a surface coating.

Antimicrobial to Protect the Fabric

A controlled release system continually sends the antimicrobial agent to the fabric surface. This built-in protection lasts the life of the fabric. It is not a superficial treatment.
Specially formulated to resist mildew growth on the surface.

Flame Retardant

Intrinsically Flame Retardant. Passes NFPA 701 Fire Retardant Test

Thread Count

This type of fabric contains a thread count of 68 x 52

Colors Availability

6 colors to choose from : Palm, Blue Moon, Doeskin, Café, Cream, Snow

Shower Curtains Dye

We offer the following colors selections :

Blue Moon








Below please find the parts available for this product.

Tandem Hooks

Tandem Hooks are so unique, they are patented. Designed to carry the outer curtain and the liner on the same hook to allow for easy changeover of either. Modern design is available in White, Champagne and Clear.

Tandem Hooks work well on straight and curved rods.

Accomodates up to a standard 1″ rod.

Open Round Roller Hook

Aluminum with nylon rollers

Accomodates up to a standard 1″ rod.

Hotel Hook

Rigid plastic hook. Open “?” shape, also known as “J” or “S” hook.
Available in White, Champagne and Clear.

Accomodates up to a standard 1″ rod.

5 Ball Nickel Played Brass Hook

Nickel Plated Brass hooks glide easily over straight or curved shower curtain rods.

Accomodates up to a standard 1″ rod.

Open Square Roller Hook

Brass with Chrome finish, fiber roller.

1-1/8″ opening
3-5/8″ high

Plastic Kirsch White

Round and Plastic Kirsch. Available in White.

Accomodates up to a standard 1 1/2″ diameter rod.

Plastic Kirsch Clear

Round and Plastic Kirsch. Available in Clear.

Accomodates up to a standard 1 1/2″ diameter rod.

Shower Curtain Ring

Rings made of 3/32″ diameter steel wire with Zinc plated finish.
From top to bottom this ring measures 2 5/8″ & will fit shower rods up to 1″ in diameter.

Questions are good answers are BETTER !

1. Q: Is these type of shower curtains are flame resistant and odor resistant?

A: Yes they are flame and odor resistant. These type of fabrics resist combustion and will self- extinguish when the source of flame is removed and have been treated to resist bacterial odors.

2. Q: How long it will take if I will be ordering this type of shower curtain fabric?

A: It will just take maximum 2 weeks lead time for our standard color fabric and will take approximately around 3 weeks (depends on the availability) for the special order color fabric.

3. Q: Does it have wide variety of colors to choose from?

A: Yes, 6 colors to choose from : Palm, Blue Moon, Doeskin, Café, Cream, Snow

4. Q: Can I laundry this type of shower curtains?

A: We not recommend it since laundering may substantially decrease the useful life of these fabrics. However, if laundering is required, please follow our recommended care procedure.

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