MechoSystems Shades Drapery System

Mechosystems Shades Drapery System For Healthcare & Offices

Mechosystems shades drapery system is the top choice of architects, interior designers, and health care professionals: MechoSystems The gold standard of the shading industry, MechoSystems’ shades come with a lifetime limited warranty. As contract dealers with MechoSystems, we have years of experience with their products. Chain-driven MechoSystems roller screens are part of the most comprehensive manual solar protection and room-darkening systems available. They feature a complete line of ThermoVeil® and EuroVeil® visually transparent sunscreens and room-darkening shades, and a full range of hardware options for manual shading including multi-band operation with one drive chain. A lifetime limited warranty with 100% replacement, and no depreciation over the life of the warranty, is guaranteed. Contact us if you have any questions.

Mechoshade Systems Offers Specialty Shades

ElectroShade® provides motorized shading solutions, and Mechoshade Systems also offers specialty shades. For manual shades, motorized shades, shading that works with lighting systems, and patient bedside consoles—the answer is MechoSystems. Check out our drapery and  window treatments.