Healthcare Textiles & Hospitality Interior Textile Products

Eco-friendly, fresh, bold and inspiring Hospitality & Healthcare textiles

At Cube Care, we can custom fabricate cubicle curtains to meet your specific project needs, using the textiles of your choice. We have the fabric and materials to meet your specs, quality, need, and durability. We only work with reputable suppliers, and we can provide you with certificates of lab testing and flame retardancy, so you’ll always know you can trust our products.

The hospitality and healthcare textiles we use come in a wide variety of styles, patterns and rich, long-lasting colors to preserve privacy, regulate sunlight, and fit the personality of your hospital, helping you to create a healing environment. Do you need curtain tracks? We offer every type of cubicle curtain tracks in a variety of colors.  Take a tour of our gallery to experience the textiles we have available, and please feel free to email with any questions, or to request a sample.