Cube Care Disposable Curtains

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Cube Care Disposable Curtains

We are proud to offer this new addition to the Cube Care product line. We believe in delivering only the highest quality products that meet or exceed every state and federal safety regulation. We understand the hardship of balancing the importance of hygiene with time and cost efficiency and as an established, reputable company, we are proud to offer our solution in the form of Cube Care Disposable Curtains. Learn more about our disposable cubicle curtains for hospitals, medical and healthcare facilities.

Disposable Curtains For Hospitals Are Affordable & Efficient

Cube Care Disposable Curtains helps establish safety and proficient sanitation in all health care facilities as a number one priority with reasonable prices and ease as a close second. Our disposable curtains for hospitals and healthcare facilities are perfect for burn units, trauma centers, intensive care units and more.

Product Specifications

♦ 100 GSM curtain fabric thickness
♦ 100% recyclable
♦ Passes NFPA 701 Flame Resistant Test
♦ Treated with Eagis Mpact Antimicrobial Treatment which its active ingredient is EPA registered
♦ All curtains have 20 inch mesh Polyester mesh
♦ Non-woven Polypropylene
♦ Permanently pleated for easy handling
♦ Lightweight and Durable
♦ Finished side hems and mesh

Disposable Curtains are perfect for :

♦ Trauma Centers
♦ Isolation rooms
♦ Intensive care units
♦ Emergency rooms
♦ Spare curtains for temporary use
♦ Emergency (pandemics) preparedness for natural disaster
♦ Patient rooms
♦ Endoscopy units
♦ And any other area that could benefit from a chic, cost-effective, hygienic, and easy to install curtain


Discover the just some benefits Disposable Curtains can have.


Disposable Curtains are designed with a strong material that prevents the growth and transportation of bacteria. Also are delivered individually encased in a plastic seal to ensure cleanliness.

Time Efficiency

In just minutes you can replace the used Disposable Curtains with new ones. Plus, all curtains will be the same size and color saving housekeeping the time of searching for matching curtains that fit.


Installing Disposable Curtains is made to be easy. Our curtains are made to fit most existing racks.


No need to spend roughly 3 hours changing only 6 bed wards. Disposable Curtains will help you get in and out of rooms to remove curtains at a quick pace.


Known to be lightweight and durable, these Disposable Curtains can be moved, stored and installed with ease.

Record Keeping & Labels

All of our Disposable Curtains have two labels located directly on the curtain below the mesh, just above eye level to conduct self audits and write the installation date. The labels are designed to make checking for when they were last replaced an easier task. All disposable curtains have the date labels to create an audit trail for your own compliance systems.


No other company offers the same crisp and fresh Disposable Curtains in numerous color options. The solid colors or patterns add a nice touch of warmth to health care environments and we even offer the option of creating your very own custom designed curtains.

Fast Delivery

Every item in stock will be shipped out the same day or the day after you place your order.


Cube Care Disposable Curtains are 100% recyclable. However it is still advised to follow proper procedures when exposed to infectious diseases.

Fire Safety

All Cube Care Disposable Curtains are fire retardant and meet NFPA 701 testing.


The curtains are packaged separately to provide the highest level of clean, sterile, and safe products.


No laundering is necessary. All Curtains are disposable and therefore offer 100% savings in laundering costs.


Inexpensive without capital output. Disposable cubicle curtains are more cost effective than traditional curtains due to savings on certain features.


Disposable cubicle curtains are easy to manage, install, use, and order.

Environment Impact

Disposable curtains can be recycled, a far more environmentally friendly alternative to washing.

Solid Tones

A splash of color can make a vast difference to any environment. We are proud to offer Disposable Curtains in various solid colors. For a touch of tranquility and relaxation, surround patients with a neutral cream color or taupe that matches any interior. Our Disposable Curtains serve more of a purpose than fresh decor, but consider the great color selection as the icing on top!

We offer the following colors selections :

Designer Patterns

We are proud to offer even more of a selection for our Cube Care Disposable Curtains with our designer colors. You can set the mood of your surroundings with a collage of tropic leaves in pastel colors or our leaflet pattern filled with deep earth tones. We are constantly adding new patterns to our collection, so keep an eye out. A colorful bold print may just be what your healthcare centre needs.

We are offering the following selections :

Architex RX Patterns

We are proud to offer even more of a selection for our Cube Care Disposable Curtains with our Architex RX Patterns.

We are offering the following selections :

Copyright Architectural Textiles U.S.A., Inc. 2021. All rights reserved.

Custom Colors

We can customize Disposable Curtains for your medical facility in a snap! Have a favorite pattern or fabric in mind? Allow us to use it as your inspiration to create a unique pattern just the way you want. Want to send a message to your patients to tell them how much you care, or looking to create brand awareness with your logo? Let us know so we can customize the perfect curtains for your environment. We will have our in-house designer arrange a consultation to create the design you desire. We want to know exactly what you are looking for from the colors you want to see, to where you want to see them. Once we have created your vision, we will prepare a digital image for your approval and proceed to develop a plate that can take up to 5 different colors. Contact us today to set up a Custom Curtain Consultation.

Mesh Options

A typical cubicle curtain consists of a mesh top and an opaque fabric bottom. The function of the mesh top is not only to allow light to pass through into the enclosure, but also to ensure that in the event of a fire the cubicle curtain will not interfere with the sprinkler system nor obscure the facility’s exit signs.

Traditional Mesh

Uses a standard kind of mesh.

Standard With All Disposable Curtains

Self Auditing Label

All of our Disposable Curtains have two labels located directly on the curtain below the mesh, just above eye level to conduct self audits and write the installation date. The labels are designed to make checking for when they were last replaced an easier task. All disposable curtains have the date labels to create an audit trail for your own compliance systems.

100% Recycle Grommets

Grommets are metal rings that are inserted into a hole in fabric in order to reinforce it. Certain grommets require you to pre-cut the hole, and others are self-piercing, which means an additional step is not required to create the hole. Some types of grommets can be snapped in by hand, some others need to be attached using pliers or a special tool, and other types are attached using a special machine.

Curtain Tie Back

Tie backs can be used to hold a hospital curtain back when not in use. We have two options available: Curtain tie back or Fabric tie back.

Side Hems

1 ¼” wide double thick and double stitched side hems to ensure durability.

Mesh Finished on Both Front & Back of Curtain

Clean look not only from front but also at the back of curtains.


Timestrip Time Indicators offer a helpful visual reminder of service and maintenance schedules for consumable components.

♦ 19mm x 40mm in size

♦ 3 Month / 6 Month run-out window

♦ Activation blister on top

♦ For room temperature use only

Timestrip 3 Month

Timestrip 6 Month

Questions are good answers are BETTER !

1. Q: Do the disposable cubicle curtains fray?

A: No. The disposable curtains are made from a non-woven fabric made up of polypropylene, therefore they will not fray.

2. Q: What is the shelf-life of the disposable curtains?

A: The disposable curtains will last indefinitely in storage. Tests have been conducted and the anti-microbial properties of the curtains last at least one year.

3. Q: Will they work on our existing tracks?

A: Yes. You can use our Traditional or Integral disposable curtains on your existing cubicle curtain tracks.

4. Q: How many colors are they available in?

A: Currently we have 5 solid tones: Cream, Taupe, Aqua, Blue and Olive Green

5. Q: What patterns are available?

A: Currently we have 4 designer patterns (Mosaic, Garden, Leaflet and Seabreeze) and 6 Architex RX patterns (RX6001-Blossom, RX6001-Floret, RX6001-Seed, RX6001-Stem, RX6006-Dew and RX6006-Oasis).

6. Q: Can they be dry cleaned?

A: These curtains are intended to be disposable and not washed in any way.

7. Q: Is the mesh fire-retardant?

A: Yes, the mesh is fire retardant and meets the testing requirements of NFPA 701.

8. Q: What is the lead time for the disposable curtains?

A: Please contact us to find out what is available in stock. Curtains that are in stock are available immediately for delivery. Custom sizes for Traditional Disposable Curtains have an 8-12 week lead time. Integral disposable curtains have a 2-3 week lead time shorter than that of Traditional. You may order any curtains that we have in stock while you wait for your custom curtains to arrive.

9. Q: How are the disposable curtains packaged?

A: The curtains arrive in boxes and each curtain is individually bagged. (Please see our “curtains per box” chart for number of curtains in each box. This varies by size.) The bag opens at the top, allowing you to attach your curtains to the carriers before removing them from the bag. Each curtain also has a self-auditing label where you can record the date of installation.

10. Q: Can we have customize the self-auditing labels for our use?

A: Private labeling is available to distributors. Please contact us for more information on minimum quantities required.

11. Q: Are there different shapes available for the cutouts on the Integral disposable curtains?

A: There are two shapes available for the mesh cutouts, a pentagon or a circle. We recommend the pentagon shape, since it makes the curtain more stable than when circular cutouts are used.

12. Q: How many curtains come in each box?

A: The number of curtains per box depends on the size of the curtains you are ordering. Please refer to our spreadsheet detailing quantities per box. You must order a minimum of one box in one color or pattern. Boxes cannot be mixed or broken up.

13. Q: Are there samples available?

A: We will have mini-samples available per request in every color or pattern.

14. Q: What carriers do we need to use with the disposable curtains?

A: Our disposable curtains come standard with our special Snap-In Carriers. These carriers are tilted and pressed in until they fit inside the track, making it unnecessary to use track pullouts.

15. Q: Will it be necessary to upgrade my carriers to use disposable curtains?

A: No, it is not necessary to upgrade your carriers. The disposable curtains can be used with any carrier type, however the Snap-In carrier has the added convenience of ease of installation.

16. Q: Why do we need disposable curtains?

A: Disposable curtains are especially useful in settings such as Isolation Rooms, Emergency Rooms, and Burn Units, where maintenance and Infection Control may become an issue with Traditional or Permanent curtains. They can provide cost savings over time when the maintenance of traditional curtains is factored in. Please refer to our “Cost Savings Analysis” Chart for more information.

17. Q: What sizes are available?

A: The sizes for the cubicle curtains vary from 72” to 360” in width and from 90” to 108” in length. The mesh on the curtains is 20”.

18. Q: Do you have MSDS Sheets available?

A: Yes. The MSDS sheets are available should you need them, as well as specification sheets.

19. Q: When is the time we need to change the disposable curtain?

A: There are 3 conditions that most hospitals used as basis for changing the disposable curtains. (1) Change out whenever they are visibly soiled. (2) After any isolation patient. (3) Quarterly thought-out the facility ( or as often as infection control suggest).

20. Q: How do I determine my curtain height?

A: Measure from the track to the floor. Typically curtains hang 12-15” off the floor. Deduct this floor clearance from the track to floor measurement and that is the finished curtain height.

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