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Clear Premium Vinyl Curtains by Cube Care

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Cube Care’s Premium Clear Vinyl Curtains include water-repellent, fire retardant, and fits to your
curtain track system(s)

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought day-to-day life to a standstill. During such difficult times, the safety of medical staff becomes more important as they are on the frontline in tackling the disease. Despite aggressive safety measures and use of personal protection equipment, infections and deaths have been reported among healthcare professionals (HCPs). The closed environment of an isolation ward adds to this fear.

By continuing to use safety precautions, but to further reduce infection transmission, Cube Care manufactures high-quality transparent (clear) vinyl curtain, to use between the patient and the HCP. They can be used to surround the patient’s bed, used to cover nurse stations, or divide hallways/doors entries/units. Also, recommended for outpatient departments, pharmacies, dispensaries, and shops. They are inexpensive and easily available!

The transparency of the curtain allows visibility of the patient even from a distance, and it reduces the possibility of droplet transmission as it provides an additional layer of protection. Noninvasive examinations can take place through the curtain and curtain allows for easy communication for the patient and the doctor.

Curtain Feature(s)

  • • Cost-Effectiveness
  • • Noise Reduction
  • • Modifiable Separation – Curtains can be easily removed, rearranged and/or temporary set aside. Provide facility managers control over open work floors so rearrange equipment and processes to increase efficiency.
  • • Contamination Prevention – Essential in facility to prevent cross-contamination between different areas/units.
  • • Easy to Clean and Disinfect – Easy to clean and sterilize to be used over and over in sensitive, high movement environments.
  • • Gauge (thickness): 12 mil.
  • • Double-fold, built
  • • 1” Double-stitched bottom and side hems.
  • • Rust-proof grommets spaced every 6”.
  • • FR passed NFPA 701 Test Method 2.
  • • Versatile Properties – Our clear vinyl will contract and grow with changing temperatures.
  • • Add weighted chain at the bottom (upon request).
  • • Snaps on the sides (upon request).

Clear Premium Vinyl


Widths as long as you need them. They can be overlapped to create a space division as your needs require or as a single unit. This modular system allows flexibility at a moment’s notice.

Questions are good answers are BETTER !

1. Q: How does the Cube Care Panel System compare with the other curtains systems

A: Please see the chart below to compare your different system options.

2. Q: I don’t like how the mesh looks at the top of the curtains. Do I really need it?

A:You don’t always need mesh on your cubicle curtains, but if you have a sprinkler system in the area where they are located, or if a curtain would obstruct an exit sign once it is in place, then mesh IS required. These requirements are set to comply with the NFPA 13 Standard.

3. Q: Will all polyester fabrics meet the fire codes I need for my facility?

A: Not all fabrics meet the code, however at Cube Care we will ONLY manufacture your cubicle curtains with fabrics that meet the requirements of NFPA 701. These fabrics are inherently flame resistant, which means that these properties are built-in and won’t wash out or wear out. Your curtains will also be labeled as having met the NFPA 701 requirements.

4. Q: Are all of your cubicle curtains anti-microbial?

A: Not all of our cubicle curtains are anti-microbial. Some of the fabrics we carry come standard with anti-microbial properties, and for those that do not we have the Constant Care program in which we can treat them for you. If you are unsure, please contact us and we will check if your fabric selection comes standard with anti-microbial properties.

5. Q: What is the lead time for your cubicle curtains?

A: Our standard lead time is 2-3 weeks if the fabric is readily available from the manufacturer. Please contact us to verify if there is an additional lead time for the fabric you have selected.

6. Q: Do you have any ready-made hospital curtains that I can purchase?

A: All of our orders are made-to-order, however sometimes we do have overstock in our warehouse in limited quantities and sizes. Please contact us directly for availability.

7. Q: Will my hospital curtain order come with track or carriers (hooks)?

A: If your project requires track or accessories they will need to be purchased separately. Please check our Cubicle Curtain Tracks section for more information.

8. Q:How far apart are the grommets placed on a cubicle curtain?

A: Grommets are placed every 6” on center.

Example: Ceiling height is 9 feet (108”) and distance above the floor is 12”.
108” – 12” – 2” = 94” Finished Curtain Length.

9. Q:How wide does my curtain need to be?

A: Before you determine the width of your curtain you need to know the size of the track it will be going on. We typically add at least 10% (or a minimum of 12”) to the length of the track to account for fullness (which will ensure privacy), and that is the width of your curtain.

10. Q:Can I wash my cubicle curtains?

A: Yes, all of our cubicle curtains are washable to 160 degrees F. The flame resistance will not wash out since it is inherent to the fabric material. Each curtain will also have a label that lets you keep track of the last time a curtain was cleaned.

11. Q: I am not affiliated with a hospital. Can I still purchase cubicle curtains from you?

A: Of course! Cubicle curtains aren’t limited to just hospitals. Many clinics, spas, shopping centers, and even private homes have found uses for cubicle curtains. Since all of our curtains are made to order they can easily be tailored to your individual needs

12. Q: I’d like to see the fabric before ordering. How can I get a sample of your curtains?

A: Samples of our fabrics can be ordered directly online. You can browse using our Textile Search feature, and once you find a fabric you like you can add it to your cart and check out. All samples will be sent to you FREE of charge!

13. Q: What does the term “Railroaded” mean?

A:When a fabric is “Railroaded” it means that the pattern runs across the roll, from selvage (the self-finished edge of the fabric) to selvage. For the manufacturing of Cubicle Curtains or Privacy Curtains a “Railroaded” fabric pattern can be used directly off the roll and the mesh is attached along the selvage. This allows you to have a seamless curtain of almost any width!

Off the Roll Pattern with Mesh

14. Q: Is there a maximum size I can have for a hospital curtain with a Railroaded fabric?

A: When using a Railroaded fabric, the maximum length of your hospital curtain is determined by the mesh size you select. The fabric width will typically be 72”, therefore by changing the mesh size from 20” to 28” you can increase the length of your curtain.

15. Q: What does the term “Non-railroaded” mean?

A: When a fabric is “Non-Railroaded” this means that the pattern runs upthe roll, parallel to the selvage. When manufacturing Cubicle Curtains with a “Non-Railroaded” or “Up the Roll” fabric we have to first find the repeat of the pattern, and cut along that point.

We are left with a series of panels which are rotated and lined up to match the pattern. They are sewn together to give the appearance of being continuous. The number of panels that we use will depend on the total width required for your curtain.

Privacy Curtain made with Non-railroaded fabric (3 panels)

16. Q: You mentioned the term “repeat”. What does “repeat” mean?

A: When dealing with fabrics, a “repeat” refers to the distance between an image or pattern on the fabric before it is repeated again. This is more important for “Non-railroaded” patterns. We always make sure that our repeats are matched so even though your curtain has a seam running vertically, it appears that the pattern is uninterrupted.

17. Q: Is there a maximum size I can have for a hospital curtain with a Non-Railroaded fabric?

A: When using a Non-Railroaded fabric you are not as limited in length as with railroaded fabrics because the pattern goes up the roll and will continue to repeat itself. The width is not limited either, because multiple widths of fabric can be sewn together to create the width you need.

18. Q: I have many different size tracks?

A: The CUBE CARE PANELS will be added as needed to the track until full enclosure is achieved.

19. Q: We have different decors in our hospital??

A: Select a neutral pattern, there are many patterns and colors to choose from

20. Q: We have several different ceiling heights?

A: We suggest two size length maximum, to differentiate the sizes you may select a different color mesh (netting) color or a different color (body) for the curtain. we can also add a twill tape for easy referencing.

21. Q: Can I keep standard cubicle curtain special areas such as Pediatrics?

A: Absolutely, however we suggest that pattern selected for this area still share the characteristics of keeping a single size.

22. Q: How will I know what size to purchase?

A: Call us, we will visit your facility and help you determine the best size to suits your needs.

23. Q: Is this going to be expensive?

A: Depends on the fabric that is chosen.But even using the designer fabrics, you will obtain immediate savings.

24. Q: Do I have to purchase all of this curtains at once?

A: No, it can be done gradually. We are happy to work with you on this, until all the participating units on the program get the curtains.

25. Q: Are there any other local hospitals currently using this system that I can visit?

A: Yes, there are quite a few, here are just some of the hospitals that we have manufactured and enjoy the simplicity of the CUBE CARE PANEL SYSTEM:

  • • Mt. Sinai Medical Center.
  • • Delray Medical Center.
  • • Pinecrest Rehabilitation Hospital.
  • • Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center.
  • • Memorial Hospital Miramar.
  • • Memorial Regional Hospital.
  • • Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.
  • • Cleveland Clinic.
  • • Homestead Hospital.
  • • Baptist hospital
  • • South Miami Hospital

26. Q: What is cut vs. finished width?

A: Cut width is the width that is stated for the cubilce curtain. The finished width is always narrower to allow for the hemming and seaming of the material. This is usually not an issue if adequate fullness is added to the track measurement. If you need a specific width you must state it as “finished width” and then we will make it to the desired width. This may move the pricing to the next cut width category. If there is any question please check with your customer service specialist.

27. Q: How do I determine my curtain height?

A: Measure from the track to the floor. Typically curtains hang 12-15” off the floor. Deduct this floor clearance from the track to floor measurement and that is the finished curtain height.

28. Q: Does the healthcare industry have a recommended or required distance from the bottom of a cubicle curtain to the floor?

A: Yes. 8 to 12 inches from the floor to allow for environmental services for sanitize without their equipment being in contact with the privacy curtains.

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