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Custom Healthcare Bedding

Our custom healthcare bedding and custom bedspreads are specifically made to your specifications. These bedspreads are perfect for healthcare facilities and hospitals. For more luxury bedspreads view our luxury bedding options. Each of the custom bedding that are listed below have multiple options that need to confirm before ordering. Please see our options tab to see all available options and details.  Contact us for more information.

Custom bedding options:

  • Healthcare Bedding Style – Choose from the fitted style or throw style on our custom bedding.
  • Quilting Pattern on Healthcare Bedding – We offer a variety of quilting patterns on our healthcare bedding. Select from onion, double onion, channel pattern and diamond pattern.
  • Bedding Fill– We use quality fill that makes our quilting pattern stand out.
  • Fabric Selection– We have a large fabric selection using high-quality fabric. We have a large selection of fabric colors and patterns available for healthcare facilities and hospitals.

Please visit our Textile Gallery Search To order free samples, or just browse thru largest selection of bedding textiles available to the Healthcare and Hospitality …

Simply click on this link to start: TEXTILE SEARCH

Our custom made bedspreads are specifically made to your specifications.

Select from:

Custom Healthcare Bedding
Fitted Style

Custom Healthcare Bedding
Throw Style

Now tell us which quilting pattern you prefer ?


Double Onion

Channel Pattern

Diamond Pattern

Now that you know what you want …

Please fill out our order form so we can accurately quote you !

Please visit our option page for the standard colors provided.

Questions are good answers are BETTER !

1. Q: How can I select a fabric from your collections?

A: You can visit our TEXTILE SEARCH to see all our available patterns.

2. Q: There are many options that need to be selected, where can I start to order

A: You can download our detailed ORDER FORM and start filling up.

3. Q: What are the styles available?

A: There are two styles available for this type of bedding. Fitted Style and Throw Style.

Did not find what you are looking for ?
Please contact us at 305-556-8700 or click “Contact Us” button below to chat/send email.
One of our customer care associates will be available help you between the hours of 8-5 eastern standard time.
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