With more healthcare facilities learning the benefits of disposable curtains over traditional curtains, disposable cubicle curtains are becoming the new healthcare trend. While each healthcare facility has their own reasons for switching, they all notice an immediate improvement.

Despite the initial inconvenience of disposing of the old traditional curtains, many hospitals report less cost, less infections, and greater flexibility with disposable curtains. Is making the switch to disposable the right move for your facility? If you still have traditional curtains, it may be easier to stick with them for now, but the disposable curtains trend isn’t going anywhere soon. In fact, it’ll continue to grow as more healthcare facilities discover the benefits and make the switch.

Why The Disposable Curtains Trend Is Here To Stay

Disposable curtains have a wide array of benefits that make them an easy choice. They’re hygienic, fire retardant, inexpensive, and 100% recyclable. But what is causing healthcare facility administrators to hop on board so quickly? The problems with traditional curtains. With traditional curtains, you’re stuck with:

  • Slow room turnaround times due to laundering
  • Insufficient storage space to maintain a full inventory
  • Non-existent or poorly documented cleaning schedules

Disposable curtains fix all of these problems and that’s why the trend is here to stay.

Aegis Microbe Shield Technology

With the rate of healthcare associated infections currently hovering around 4%, disposable curtains are becoming the go-to option instead of traditional curtains. With Cube Care’s disposable curtain line, we took it one step further to cut down on infections. All of our curtains contain Aegis Microbe Shield Technology (AMST) which further cuts down on infections. AMST works by:

  • Providing additional protection against bacteria
  • Helping eliminate odors and stains
  • Eliminating the environment the causes adaptive micro-organisms.

Rest assured knowing that with Aegis Microbe Shield Technology on all of our curtains, infection rates will drop to record lows.

Disposable curtains will continue to thrive with a myriad of benefits including Aegis Microbe Shield Technology.

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