Traditional hospital curtains are a breeding ground for bacteria. According to the Center for Disease Control, there are 1.7 million hospital-acquired infections each year. Those result in about 90,000 deaths per year. With stats like this, hospitals are frantic to find ways to lower this number.

Disposable curtains have become a go-to solution for lowering these numbers. With the many benefits of disposable curtains paired with affordable pricing, hospitals are making the change to the cleaner, safer alternative. Disposable curtains come with a range of benefits that go beyond disease control. With a surprisingly stylish selection, these curtains can fit into any hospital decor.

Benefits Of Disposable Curtains For Hospitals

While the focus for most is the safety factor, disposable curtains carry a list of other benefits as well. Some of the more popular benefits include:

  • Installation. Disposable curtains are made to be easy. They fit on most existing racks and can be changed in just minutes.
  • Fire Safety. All of our disposable curtains are fire retardant and meet NFPA 701 testing.
  • Appearance. These aren’t your typical bland white currents. With 9 plain colors and 5 designer patterns, these curtains are anything but bland.

Custom Disposable Cubicle Curtains

The wide selection of colors and patterns will complement almost any hospital setting, but occasionally custom curtains are the only options. A few benefits of custom disposable curtains include:

  • Branded colors. Do your curtains need to be a specific color or design? Our custom disposable cubicle curtains can be created to fit any unique look.
  • Custom sizes. Do you need curtains that are taller than standard? We can do that too. Whatever the size you need, we can help.
  • Same great benefits. While these are custom-made, we still use the same high-quality material that makes our traditional disposable curtains the best in the industry. You’ll find quality curtains in every box.

Make the switch to Cube Care Disposable Curtains today and see the difference it makes in your hospital.

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