Traditional curtains in healthcare settings certainly pose a threat of cross-contamination. Well-meaning healthcare workers wash their hands, open the curtain, interact with the patient, close the curtain and go about their duties. Cross-contamination is a real problem, but is it better than toxic chemicals that may exist in disposable curtains?

Fortunately, long gone are the days where disposable curtains have the possibility of carrying toxic chemicals. With today’s antimicrobial technology, disposable curtains are not only non-toxic, but the better overall choice. At Cube Care, we use Aegis Antimicrobial Technology to ensure our curtains are not only safe, but top-of-the-line in healthcare associated illness prevention.

What Is Antimicrobial Technology In Disposable Curtains?

Antimicrobial technology in disposable curtains is just another way we are fighting healthcare associated illnesses. Cube Care uses Aegis Antimicrobial Technology in all of our disposable curtains. Designed with a special “penetrating” molecular chain, this design is superior for extended antimicrobial protection. This technology has a few main points of interest that provide extra protection including:

  • A positive-negative reaction that destroys any bacteria that comes into contact with it
  • A long molecular chain head that does not detach after contact. This means it will continue to work time and time again.
  • Strong covalent bonds to make sure this protection lasts for the life of the curtains

Are Disposable Privacy Curtains Eco-Friendly And Recyclable?

In addition to the cutting-edge antimicrobial technology added to all of our curtains, disposable curtains are also eco-friendly and recyclable. By creating our disposable curtains out of recycled material, we are able to reproduce them at a cheaper cost. This leads to a less expensive alternative to traditional curtains that you can feel good about. If you’re looking for a great alternative to traditional curtains, our disposable curtains are the way to go. Our disposable curtains are:

  • Designed to prevent bacterial growth
  • Recyclable with a low environmental impact
  • Designed to have a quick and simple changing process

Cube Care is a disposable curtain company that only creates curtains that meet your needs. No shortcuts or subpar products. Just quality, safe curtains you can always count on.

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