Less HAIs. More room in the budget. 100% recyclable. Lightweight and durable.

These are just a few of the reasons disposable cubicle curtains are taking over hospitals. While disposable cubicle curtains have been traditionally known to be a temporary solution, hospitals around the world are starting to see the long-term benefits.

Designed as the perfect combination of quality and affordability, disposable cubicle curtains pack a punch by reducing costs, cutting down on infections, and improve efficiency. With a long list of benefits that are becoming more well-known, it’s easy to see why disposable cubicle curtains are taking over hospitals.

Benefits Of Disposable Hospital Curtains

What are some of the benefits that disposable hospital curtains have over traditional curtains? Glad you asked. A few of the more noticeable include:

  • Aegis antimicrobial treatment. Our disposable hospital curtains are treated with an Aegis antimicrobial solution that helps prevent the growth and transportation of bacteria. That means you’ll have less HAIs floating around your facility.
  • They cost a fraction of traditional curtains. Not only do you save money on the curtains themselves, but say goodbye to laundering and maintenance fees. Simply recycle the old ones and hang a new pair.
  • Never out of style. With 20+ styles and growing, you’ll never be stuck with boring, generic designs again.

Hospital Curtain Tracks & Accessories At Cube Care

When you’re ready to make the switch, don’t forget about curtain tracks and accessories to help smooth the transition. Regardless of what type of cubicle curtain track you need, we’ve got you covered. We carry every type of track available in the industry including those that don’t require a ladder, heavy duty tracks, suspended tracks—we have whatever you are looking for, in white, aluminum or specialty finishes. We can also provide you with accessories for your existing tracks.

Disposable cubicle curtains are taking over hospital. Give us a call today to discover what the excitement is about.

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