What’s hiding behind your hospital curtains? Chances are it’s not the clean, sterile surfaces you were hoping for. In fact, you’ll probably find those sneaky healthcare-acquired infections your staff has fought so hard to get rid of. In the U.S. alone, between 5-10% of hospitalizations result in HAIs.

For us, that number is too high. We decided that instead of trying to play catch-up, we were going to attack bacteria head-on instead. That’s why we’ve taken the latest in antimicrobial technology to ensure that our disposable curtains not only help prevent the spread of bacteria but can help significantly lower HAIs.

How Disposable Hospital Curtains Are Fighting HAIs

In order to ensure we provided the best option possible, we knew we would have to provide a multifaceted solution to reduce the spread of bacteria. That’s why for all of our curtains, we can give you not just one, but 3 reasons why our disposable curtains will help reduce the spread of bacteria. These include:

  • Aegis antimicrobial treatment so that bacteria is electrocuted and blown apart before it has a chance to cling to the curtain
  • 100% recyclable curtains so that you simply dispose of them when you are finished
  • Completely sterile packaging to ensure your curtains aren’t contaminated on the way to your facility

Disposable Medical Curtains Are Cost-Effective

With the money saved by drastically reducing HAIs, you’d think that our disposable curtains would come with a hefty price tag. We COULD do that. But that’s not why we do what we do. We aim to make sure our clients always receive the highest caliber service and the best-quality products at the lowest prices.

You won’t find inflated prices here. We wanted to make sure that our antimicrobial disposable cubicle curtains were accessible to all because we’re all in this together. The path to lowering HAIs is one we must take together.

Cube Care’s disposable curtains give you the power you need to finally put an end to the spread of bacteria.

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