Cubicle curtains come in a wide range of types and sizes. Different facilities have different needs and cubicle curtains are no exception. So how do determine what type and size of cubicle curtains do you need?

To start, there are a few key measurements and options you need to decide on. You’ll need to know height and width as well knowing the different mesh and drop chain options offered. And once you’ve gotten those hashed out, what types of tracks do you need? It may seem overwhelming, but we’ve some of the agony out of the process. We’re going to show you the easiest way to measure your curtains and how to determine what type of tracks you need.

Cubicle Privacy Curtains Measuring Guidelines

Following a few basic guidelines can make measuring cubicle privacy curtains a much easier task.

  • Height — To determine the size cubicle curtain needed, first measure from the track to the desired distance above the floor (usually 10 to 15 inches).
  • Length — Get the total length of the track making sure not to miss the corners. Once you have the track length, add 10% to it. This is a crucial step that often gets overlooked. Adding an additional 10% ensures you have the length you need. In other words if the total length of track was 200 inches, then the total length of fabric needed would be 200 inches PLUS 10% (20 inches), for a TOTAL of 220 inches.
  • Mesh — Curtains can be ordered with or without 20 inches of mesh at the top.

We Guide You To The Right Cubicle Curtain Track

You’ve got the measurements you need for your curtains. Whew. Now, what type of track do you need? Depending on when your curtain tracks were installed, it could be any number of options. We’ll help you choose the best track for your needs.

At Cube Care, you’ll have your choice of every type of cubicle curtain track available in the industry. We offer cubicle tracks that don’t require a ladder, heavy duty tracks, suspended tracks—we have whatever you are looking for, in white, aluminum or specialty finishes. We can also provide you with accessories for your existing tracks.

Cubicle curtains don’t have to be a hassle. Contact Cube Care today for all your cubicle curtain needs.

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