Disposable curtains are great. Lower cost, lower risk of HAIs, and a laundry list of other benefits. But without the need for laundering, it’s easy to forget these workhorses. That’s why installation dates are crucial to track. But what’s the easiest way to track them? Binders? Whiteboards? Computers?

Those all have their merits but they all have one flaw… they are separate from the curtain itself.

And anything tracking method that’s separate from the curtain itself can take additional time to check and even has the possibility of getting lost. With Cube Care’s labeling system, we’ve removed the inconvenience of binders and the risk of losing track of the installation date.

Easy Audits & Tracking On Disposable Curtains For Hospitals

Keeping records shouldn’t have to be complicated. That’s why Cube Care has made it easy to audit and track the installation date on your disposable curtains.

  • The labels are designed to make checking for when they were last replaced an easier task.
  • All of our Disposable Curtains have two labels located directly on the curtain below the mesh, just above eye level to conduct self-audits and write the installation date.
  • All disposable curtains have the date labels to create an audit trail for your own compliance systems.

Disposable Cubicle Curtains Are Affordable & Efficient

Cube Care Disposable Curtains help establish safe and clean environments in health care facilities and come with reasonable prices and ease as added benefits Our disposable curtains for hospitals and healthcare facilities are perfect for burn units, trauma centers, intensive care units and more. Disposable cubicle curtains are also more cost-effective than traditional curtains due to savings on certain features.

But they do come with countless benefits including 100 GSM curtain fabric thickness, NFPA 701 Flame Resistant fabric, Aegis Mpact Antimicrobial Treatment (which its active ingredient is EPA registered), finished side hems and mesh, and more. And since they’re lightweight, they can be moved, stored and installed with ease.

Tracking installation dates is easy with Cube Care’s disposable curtains.

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