Custom linen cart covers make transporting linens more efficient by protecting your clean linens. They come standard with features such as mildew-resistant, water-repellent, durable, washable, and many others.

They come in seven colors and have excellent dye fastness which improves the color’s resistance to fading or running. But with the ever-growing list of benefits comes one thing that needs to be done first…the measurements.

The measurements are easy and can be done quickly. Simply measure the width, depth, and finished length of your carts and you’ll have your base measurements. While you’ll have a few additional measurements to fully customize your linen cart covers, getting these three measurements will be most of the work.

Don’t Forget To Measure Cart Covers Cutout Push Holes

Width, depth, and finished length will get you the overall measurements you need for your custom cart cover. But with every cart comes a way to push it. Measuring these push holes is essential to make sure that the push holes are customized to the type of cart you have.

Instead of trying to explain and confirm the placement of the push holes on your carts, Cube Care makes it easy by showing a cart with different placement options on it. Simply find where the holes are on your carts and mark the measurements accordingly on our handy sheet.

Linen Cart Cover Options

With every custom linen cart cover comes options to better customize your cover for your needs. You’ll have a couple of options for closures such as Velcro and Zipper and several pocket options including:

  • CLEAR Routing Pocket/Document Holder
  • Plain Pocket
  • Linen Discard Pocket
  • Reject Linen Pocket
  • Cutout Push Handle Holes

With custom options, you can better utilize your carts for whatever you see fit. Utility carts, equipment carts, and garbage carts all have different needs. And with custom cart cover options from Cube Care, you can create the perfect cover for your facility’s needs.

Cube Care Company Makes High-Quality Custom Cart Covers

Cube Care’s custom cart covers are custom-made to your specifications, with fabrics for inside or outside use. Custom cart covers are ideal for linen carts, equipment carts, transport carts, garbage carts, morgue carts, and utility carts.

Choose from the highest quality fabrics in over 30 colors to fit your décor. With customizable options, we will get you exactly what you need. Our cart covers have reinforced stitching backed with twill tape (a feature you’ll only find at Cube Care) that will ensure many years of use, and they come standard with Velcro to last even longer.

Measuring for custom cart covers doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these simple instructions and you can have custom cart covers specifically designed for your needs.

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