Cubicle curtains are a much-needed component of patient care. They provide privacy, reduce the risk of infection, and can add a bit of life to an otherwise dull environment. But when to change cubicle curtains isn’t something that’s always clearly defined. In fact, many organizations don’t have a cubicle curtain cleaning or changing policy.

Furthermore, additional factors can throw in a wrench in the process. There could be a lack of room for sufficient inventory, a delay in laundering, or even waiting on additional resources such as ladders to hang new curtains. But by following a few simple guidelines, you can stay on top of your cubicle curtain changes and keep your facility looking (and feeling) clean.

Privacy Curtain Cleaning Guidelines

Privacy curtain cleaning is important. But how often should they be changed? Instead of giving you the “manufacturer’s guidelines”, we thought we’d keep it simple with three guidelines to follow:

  • If it looks dirty, change it. Visibly soiled curtains never look good anyway.
  • Any time you have a patient in isolation, always change the curtain when they leave. It’s better to completely remove the risk of infection.
  • Even without isolation patients or being visibility dirty, disposable curtains still need to be changed. We recommend quarterly or when your infection control suggests.

Disposable Cubicle Curtains Makes It Easy

Traditional cubicle curtains have their benefits, but also cause problems. Constant laundering, the sheer weight of them, the removal, transportation, and hanging of them can all cause problems. With disposable cubicle curtains, those problems are eliminated.

Disposable curtains are lightweight and durable which remove the struggle and time-consuming tasks that are associated with traditional curtains. And since they are disposable and 100% recyclable, there is never a wait for laundering.

If you’re tired of the problems that traditional curtains cause, a switch to disposable cubicle curtains might be in your near future. Not sure where to start? Contact Cube Care today and let one of our experts answer your most pressing questions.

Follow our three easy guidelines and you’ll always stay on top of cubicle curtain changes.

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