The healthcare industry is doing away with traditional curtains and making the move towards disposable curtains. In fact, those that have made the switch have already started to capitalize on the benefits that disposable curtains provide.

More room in the budget, less hospital-acquired infections, and more time to focus on important work are just a few of the immediately noticeable benefits. As more facilities make the switch, the word will spread and disposable curtains will become commonplace. Until that time comes, making the switch today can help set you apart from your competitors.

Disposable Medical Curtains Reasons For The Shift

The benefits of disposable medical curtains are constantly growing. The ease of use, the cost savings, and the large selection of high-quality colors and patterns are the most noticeable. But here at Cube Care, we know making the switch is more than finding a cheaper alternative that looks good. With disposable medical curtains, you can:

  • Reduce hospital-acquired infections, labor costs, and admissions time
  • Eliminate capital expenses, laundering expenses, and repair expenses
  • Increase productivity, safety, and patient satisfaction

All of this in a non-woven polypropylene curtain that is 100% recyclable and fire retardant.

Cube Care Is The Textile Industry Leader In Cubicle Curtains

What makes Cube Care the textile industry leader in cubicle curtains? Unlike other disposable curtain companies, we make doing business a breeze by providing high-quality products that you don’t have to hassle over. At Cube Care, there are:

  • No contracts
  • No minimum orders
  • No strings attached

Disposable curtains are the easy, hassle-free future of cubicle curtains and we think buying them should be the same way. Get what you need without the lengthy contracts, large orders, and needless clauses. You’ll only find that at Cube Care.

Don’t get left behind and make the switch to disposable cubicle curtains today.

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