Disposable curtains come with a lot of benefits. Cost-effective, 100% recyclable, and can help drastically lower HAIs. But as with any curtain, they need to be changed out from time to time. Changing out curtains can help improve appearance, lower the risk of hospital-acquired infections, and prevent overlooking certain wards.

And while the thought of changing curtains might already make you cringe, it’s never been easier with disposable curtains. Lightweight and individually packaged, disposable curtains were made to be easy.

Now, while there are obvious situations when a curtain should be changed, there a few conditions that you should adhere to so you can make disposable curtain changes a breeze. Keep reading to find out what our three, most recommended conditions are.

What Conditions Should Disposable Privacy Curtains Be Changed?

Changing disposable privacy curtains is important. But when is the best time to change them? There are three simple conditions you should follow to make curtain changes easy to remember:

  • Change out whenever the curtain is visibily dirty. Appearance is important and a soiled curtain never looks good.
  • After any isolation patient. This is a “better save-than-sorry” approach and should not be overlooked.
  • Quarterly throughout the facility (or as often as infection control suggests). Even if they’re not visibly soiled, that doesn’t mean they aren’t dirty. Get in the habit of changing your curtains on a schedule to reduce infection and improve appearance.

Can Disposable Hospital Curtains Be Dry Cleaned Or Washed?

You’ve got the old curtains removed and new ones up. That’s great. What happens with the soiled curtains? Can the be dry-cleaned or washed? The correct answer is…


And for good reason. Disposable hospital curtains and 100% recyclable so they can’t be easily recycled according to your facility’s recycling guidelines. That means no more costly laundering bills, no heavy lifting of damp and dirty curtains, no more fuss. Simply remove and recycle and you’re good to go.

Disposable curtains still need to be changed but with these three conditions, it’ll make your maintenance schedule a whole lot easier.

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