“Will disposable cubicle curtains fit our existing tracks?”

That’s one of the most common questions we hear from potential customers. And rightfully so. Switching anything on a large scale is never the easiest thing to do. And if more work needs to be done to make it possible, it can deter you completely from making the switch to disposable.

Here at Cube Care, we think simple is better. That’s why we’ve made every effort possible to ensure that the switch to disposable is as easy as possible. And a large part of that effort is to make sure that our disposable cubicle curtains will fit your existing tracks.

Our Disposable Curtains Are Customizable to Fit Your Needs

What’s the point of curtains that fit any track if they don’t look good? That’s why we’re proud to offer a variety of curtains including:

  • 5 Solid Tones
  • 7 Designer Patterns
  • 6 Architex RX Patterns

And our selection keeps growing. And, if you’re set on a specific pattern or fabric, we can create custom patterns just the way you want them.

Want to send a message to your patients to tell them how much you care, or looking to create brand awareness with your logo? Let us know so we can customize the perfect curtains for your environment.

What Track Fits Your Disposable Privacy Curtains?

Wondering if your existing tracks will fit your new disposable privacy curtains? Our traditional and integral curtains fit a variety of the most common track types in the industry including:

  • Suspended tracks
  • Cube Care classic tracks
  • Ultra & Whisper tracks
  • Flexi tracks
  • Mini Cube
  • Pro safe tracks
  • Psych-care tracks
  • Classic tracks with wheel carriers

And if you need to have tracks replaced in the process, we offer all of the above tracks so you can make the switch in one easy step from a trusted company.

Make the switch to disposable a little easier with curtains that fit your existing tracks.

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