Disposable medical curtains have massive cost benefits in comparison to traditional curtains, but it’s more than just the price tag. Traditional curtains come with a list of added expenses that aren’t listed with the purchase price. Laundering costs, shipping, and labor costs are just a few of the hidden costs that come standard with traditional medical curtains.

With disposable medical curtains, you won’t find any hidden costs in addition to the price tag. You’ll reap the benefits without the added costs by switching to disposable. Whether you’re looking to slowly transition or convert your whole facility, you’ll immediately notice the savings.

Disposable Curtains Cost-Effective Benefits

What exactly makes disposable curtains so cost-effective? Sure, the curtains themselves are a fraction of the cost, but you also won’t have to worry about:

  • Laundering. With traditional curtains, you’re probably paying over $20,000 for laundering in just a single year. Disposable curtains are 100% recyclable and require no laundering.
  • Labor costs. Traditional curtains are heavy. That means they take more employees and take longer to transport, remove, install, and launder the curtains.
  • Reduced maintenance. No fixing torn mesh, broken rings, or other defects. Simple recycle and replace.

Cubicle Curtain Textile Company With Solutions

Choosing a cubicle curtain textile company is more than just choosing the cheapest option. It’s about choosing a company that has high-quality products with high-quality solutions. At Cube Care, we know that medical curtains are more than just curtains. They’re a bacteria guard, a first impression to guests and patients, and an integral part of your facility.

High-quality curtains are just the beginning. To make sure that you receive all you need in a disposal curtain, we also offer:

  • Re-mesh services
  • Maintenance plans
  • Hassle-free installation

Disposable curtains have huge cost-savings benefits over traditional curtains and Cube Care provides nothing but the best.

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