Have you wondered what has been giving your competitor’s the edge? A better staff? A more upgraded facility? Perhaps. But most of these competitive edges come down to one thing — extra room in the budget. If you’re struggling to find room in the budget to make some much needed improvements, let me fill you in on a secret your competitors already know: disposable curtains can save you thousands of dollars a month.

The savings comes from a combination of a lower cost for curtains and a lowered rate of hospital-acquired infection thanks to antimicrobial protection. This combination is already saving your competitors tens of thousands of dollars a year. What could you do with that extra room in the budget?

Powerful Benefits To Disposable Privacy Curtains

Cost savings aren’t the only powerful benefit of disposable privacy curtains. Disposable curtains surpass traditional privacy curtains in a variety of ways including:

  • Disposal. Once you are done, simply recycle them. No expensive laundering or disposal needed.
  • Weight. Disposable curtains are a fraction of the weight of traditional curtains. This means that every step from shipping, storing, removing, and installing are all easier and take less time.
  • Versatile. Disposable privacy curtains are designed to with your existing carriers. No upgrades needed.

Cube Care Textile Company

Equality is not guaranteed in the textile industry. At Cube Care, we make sure that we only work with suppliers that provided the best materials. We take the quality of our products seriously and that’s why we provide documents to prove safety and quality from our suppliers.

We understand the switch to disposable isn’t the easiest choice to make. That’s why we’ve done everything we can to ease the transition including:

  • Free samples
  • Countless style options
  • Curtains are designed to fit on current tracks

Regardless of your facility, disposable privacy curtains can open up your budget while protecting your patients and staff.

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