Disposable medical curtains are taking the world by storm. From reduced costs to improved safety measures, disposable curtains are becoming a staple for hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world. Traditional curtains are still effective, but with the rise in laundering costs and HAIs, disposable curtains offer a clear solution.

Despite the growing list of benefits, many hospital administrators are reluctant to make the switch. Some consider the initial investment, others don’t see a benefit in switching long-term. But we’re here to clear up some of the most common misconceptions that keep you from experiencing all the benefits that disposable curtains have to offer.

Ultimate Guide To Disposable Medical Curtains

You’ve made the decision to look into disposable curtains. That’s great. But you probably still have a few unanswered questions that are keeping you from making the switch. It’s understandable. It’s a major decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. That’s why we’ve put together this manual with some of the most popular FAQs you may have about disposable medical curtains to help make the decision easier.

Q: Do the disposable cubicle curtains fray?
A: No. The disposable curtains are made from a non-woven fabric made up of polypropylene, therefore they will not fray.

Q: What is the shelf-life of the disposable curtains?
A: The disposable curtains will last indefinitely in storage. Tests have been conducted and the anti-microbial properties of the curtains last one year.

Q: Will they work on our existing tracks?
A: Yes. You can use our Traditional or Integral disposable curtains on your existing cubicle curtain tracks.

Q: How many colors are they available in?
A: They are currently available in 5 plain colors: Cream, Taupe, Aqua, Blue and Olive Green.

Q: What patterns are available?
A: Currently we have 9 designer patterns (Garden, Crazy, Leaflet, Tropic, Autumn, Orange Twist, Seabreeze, Lapiz and Eliallen) and 6 Architex RX patterns (RX6001-Blossom, RX6001-Floret, RX6001-Seed, RX6001-Stem, RX6006-Dew and RX6006-Oasis).

Q: Is the mesh fire-retardant?
A: Yes, the mesh is fire retardant and meets the testing requirements of NFPA 701.

Q: How many curtains come in each box?
A: The number of curtains per box depends on the size of the curtains you are ordering. Please refer to our spreadsheet detailing quantities per box. You must order a minimum of one box in one color or pattern. Boxes cannot be mixed or broken up.

Q: Are there samples available?
A: We will have mini-samples available per request in every color or pattern.

Q: What sizes are available?
A: The sizes for the cubicle curtains vary from 72” to 360” in width and from 90” to 108” in length. The mesh on the curtains is 20”.

Q: When is the time we need to change the disposable curtain?
A: There are 3 conditions that most hospitals used as basis for changing the disposable curtains. (1) Change out whenever they are visibly soiled. (2) After any isolation patient. (3) Quarterly thought-out the facility ( or as often as infection control suggest).

Hospital Curtains Are The New Medical Disposables

Hospital curtains are here to stay and with good reason. Healthcare environments can be both sterile and stylish simultaneously with our Cube Care Disposable Curtains. They bring life and color to any healthcare atmosphere without taking away from the safety and privacy that traditional curtains provide. Traditional curtains will get the job done, but our Cube Care Disposable curtains exceed expectations.

We believe in delivering only the highest quality products that meet or exceed all state and federal safety regulations. We understand the hardship of balancing the importance of hygiene with time and cost efficiency and as an established, reputable company, we are proud to offer our solution in the form of Cube Care Disposable Curtains.

With these Disposable Curtains we want to establish safety and proficient sanitation in all health care facilities as a number one priority with reasonable prices and ease as a close second.

Join the disposable revolution today with disposable medical curtains from Cube Care.

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