Healthcare-associated infections cost the healthcare industry up to $4.5 billion in additional expenses every year. With such a large expenditure, it’s no wonder hospitals are frantically searching for a way to reduce that cost. That cost comes in the form of 1 out of every 25 hospital patients catching a healthcare-associated infection.

With disposable curtains for hospitals, this number drops exponentially. Due to the antimicrobial properties combined with more frequent curtain changes, disposable curtains are solving BIG problems for hospitals around the world. Antimicrobial disposable curtains are more than just an infection-fighting solution. These curtains are truly a revolution in healthcare and provide a variety of other benefits.

Antimicrobial Disposable Curtains Benefit Healthcare

The highly reduced risk of healthcare-associated infections is reason enough to make the switch today. Thanks to advances in the field, disposable curtains have come to be superior to traditional curtains in almost every way. A few of the more prominent benefits include:

  • Time Efficiency. No longer do you have to spend countless hours removing, transporting, cleaning, and replacing curtains. Antimicrobial disposable curtains can be removed, recycled, and replaced in a matter of minutes.
  • Fire Safety. Disposable curtains are fire retardant and meet NFPA 701 testing.
  • Cost. Most facilities save tens of thousands of dollars after making the switch.

Cubicle Curtain Textile Industry

In the textile industry, all is not created equally. At Cube Care, we only work with reputable suppliers that can provide the highest quality material. In fact, we can provide certificates of lab testing and flame retardancy for all of our suppliers, so you know you’ll always have a great product.

On top of quality, we offer one of the widest selections available including:

  • Nine plain colors
  • Five designer patterns
  • Custom orders on request

Never worry about safety or variety again. Let us take care of that.

Disposable curtains solve BIG problems for hospitals. Let Cube Care be the problem solver for your facility.

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