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For over 21 years we’ve provided the best prices, modern designs & innovative products within the healthcare community.
We are constantly updating our prices, colors and patterns. Take a look at the resources we’ve put together for you here.

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        At Cube Care you have a team of problem solvers and disposable cubicle curtain experts that will work with you to streamline the experience from planning to installation to maintenance and care, ensuring your project (and your life) are just a little bit easier. We deliver through a culture of continuous improvement to reinvent what we offer as well as make sure you receive the highest level service, quality products and the best prices. 

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          Traditional Curtains Disposable Curtains
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          Traditional Curtains Disposable Curtains
        Original Capital output
        savings / cost
        $ $
        Laundering cost one year $ $
        lauderting for the lifetime $ $
        Total Cost including Product and Laundering: $ $

        In a   6  year period you will save   $54,760.00    by using Cube Care disposable curtains.

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