Want a quick preview on how your patients see your facility? Take a walk around and look at your cubicle curtains. Chances are you’ll find curtains that are frayed, colors fading, mismatched styles, and in varying sizes.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Countless facilities run into this same problem. Part of the reason these problems exists is they don’t have someone assigned to making sure your curtains are up to par. So instead of an established system, curtains are often hung when needed and little consideration is given beyond that.

While the thought of changing your curtain system may seem daunting, there’s a fairly simple system that can transform your ugly, outdated curtains into a uniform, polished look that your patients will love.

How To Solve Healthcare & Hospital Cubicle Curtain Problems

To solve cubicle curtains problems, a few variables need to be determined. These include budget appropriation, laundering specifics, and set replacement conditions to name a few. Once these are in place, it’s time to standardize the curtains.

Part of the problem that many facilities run into is the actual replacement of curtains. See, most curtains vary in height which means that some employees need a ladder to change the curtains. Not only does this cause unwanted strain on the employee, it also greatly increases the risk of an accident. Here’s a simple process that will allow any employee over 5’5” to change a curtain without a ladder:

  • The mesh has to be seperate from the curtain.
  • With varying ceiling heights, having the mesh separate will allow you to install different sizes of mesh so that all the fabric panels can be installed at the same height.
  • With fabric panels that are all 72” off the ground, any employee 5’5” or over can change the curtains without a step stool or ladder.

Install New Cubicle Curtain Tracks To Prevent Issues

Once you have the new curtain system in place, it’s time to replace the tracks. Old tracks make it difficult to move the curtain causing employees to jerk the curtains to get them to move. This shortens the lifespan of your curtains and will end up costing you money in long run.

Installing new tracks will ensure your new curtains glide smoothly without friction. At Cube Care, we offer eight different tracks so we can replace any existing track regardless of the style.

With Cube Care’s easy-to-follow system, you can finally have a solution for your facility’s cubicle curtain woes.

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