Ordering new cubicle curtains tracks can be a headache for some people.

How do I measure? Can I bend them? Can I cut them?

These questions inevitably come up. And instead of endlessly searching, we’ve compiled some of the questions we are asked by our customers when looking to order tracks. Read on to see some of our FAQs. And if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us today for all your cubicle curtain track questions.

Privacy Curtain Tracks FAQs

  • How do I measure for cubicle tracks? It is usually easiest to measure the cubicle curtain track as if the track were lying on the floor and you were standing above it looking down at the track. Also, make sure you allow a few extra inches so you can trim your curtain to fit.
  • Is 90 degrees the only angle offered? Curtain tracks are also available in 45-degree angles.
  • Can I bend the track? No. They are made from rigid aluminum and should not be bent.
  • Can I cut the track? Yes. A hacksaw or electric chop saw will cut through the aluminum.
  • What size should my curtains be? As a general rule, we recommend the curtain be 10% wider than the track.
  • What is an L-shape curtain track? A curtain track with only one 90-degree bend.
  • What kinds of tracks do you offer? Suspended tracks, Cube Care classic track, Ultra & Whisper track, Flexi track, Mini cube, Pro Safe track, Psych-care track, Classic track with wheel carriers.

Cubicle Tracks That Fit Your Needs

Whether you already have a facility and need parts for your existing cubicle curtain tracks, or you’re not sure what you really need for your application, we’ll take into account your needs, budget, and specifications, to guide you to just the right track.

At Cube Care, you’ll have your choice of every type of cubicle curtain track available in the industry. We offer cubicle tracks that don’t require a ladder, heavy-duty tracks, suspended tracks—we have whatever you are looking for, in white, aluminum or specialty finishes. We can also provide you with accessories for your existing tracks.

Whatever your needs, Cube Care can help you choose the right tracks.

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