A 2017 study by the University of Manitoba tracked the rate of contamination of hospital privacy curtains in a burn ward. What they found was nothing short of disturbing. In August of 2015, 22% of the curtains tested positive for MRSA. Just five months later, that rate had climbed to 31%.

This is nothing unusual for most healthcare facilities. In high-touch areas such as burn units, it’s almost impossible to remove, wash, and replace traditional curtains fast enough to keep contamination under control. With disposable curtains, burn units can quickly change out curtains in a matter of minutes. No more continually rising rates of contamination.

Benefits Of Disposable Medical Curtains For Burn Units

Disposable medical curtains provide more benefits for burn units than just the reduction of bacterial contamination. They are designed to be a superior alternative to traditional curtains so you’ll lose nothing in the switch. Disposable curtains are:

  • Lightweight so that they can be stored, transported, removed, and change with ease. No more heavy, lunky curtains.
  • 100% recyclable. That means no more expensive laundering. Simply remove and recycle.
  • Fire retardant and meet NFPA 701 testing so that you can avoid another potential hazard.

Disposable Cubicle Curtains Are Fighting Infectious Diseases

Cube Care Disposable Curtains are designed with a strong material that prevents the growth and transportation of bacteria. They are also delivered individually encased in a plastic seal to ensure cleanliness.

Healthcare facilities have made great progress in the reduction of healthcare-acquired infections. Unfortunately, traditional curtains are still a breeding ground for infectious diseases especially in high-traffic areas such as burn units. Making the switch to disposable can help drastically lower the risk that both your patients and employees face.

Your burn units need disposable curtains and Cube Care can get you what you need fast to help keep your facility safer.

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