The water here in the states is infinitely better than in most third-world countries. We know this. Yet when it comes to products made here, we sometimes forget that quality can be drastically different. When it comes to cubicle curtains and tracks, they are not the same. Sure, most brands will probably get the job done. But it’s the little features that truly make a superior product.

Additional antimicrobial protection to make your facility safer, appearance upgrades that make your curtains look better, or even accessories that make your life easy. These are all the little features that separate a good product from a great one.

The Difference In Cubicle Curtains

When choosing cubicle curtains, you’ll want to choose options that not only provide added safety features but also options that improve look and function.

Some of these differences include:

  • Anti-Microbial Treatments that protects our cubicle curtains against mold, fungi, algae, and most harmful bacteria. This, in turn, protects you and your patients, helping to reduce exposure to hospital-acquired infections.
  • Framed Style Cubicle Curtains is a style that is applied to the mesh of a curtain to give it a nice “framed” look as well as added reinforcement.
  • Tie Backs that can be used to hold a hospital curtain back when not in use.

Cubicle Curtain Track Systems To Meet Your Needs

Whether you already have a facility and need parts for your existing cubicle curtain tracks, or you’re not sure what you really need, we’ll make sure you get what you need

At Cube Care, we offer cubicle tracks that don’t require a ladder, heavy duty tracks, suspended tracks—we have whatever you are looking for in three different finishes. Take your pick from eight industry-standard tracks today including:

  • Suspended Tracks
  • Cube Care Classic Tracks
  • Ultra & Whisper Tracks
  • Flexi Tracks
  • Mini Cube
  • Pro Safe Tracks
  • Psych-care Tracks
  • Classic Tracks with Wheel Carriers

Not all cubicle curtains and tracks are the same. Discover the difference with Cube Care.

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