We love disposable privacy curtains. We love them so much that we built an entire business around them. Why? Because we noticed a massive problem with traditional curtains and knew that disposable curtains were the answer. We also knew the problems that we would face. We had to make them safer, more affordable, and easier to use.

Was this an easy task? Not at all. But the end result was a curtain that was truly superior to traditional curtains in every way. We set out to exceed expectations by adding antimicrobial treatments to all of our curtains, eliminated the pain of switching, and found an easy way to dispose of them. We designed products that we literally became addicted to and to our pleasant surprise, we found out that many healthcare facilities and hospitals were too.

Why Disposable Cubicle Curtains?

Why disposable cubicle curtains? Simply put, they’re designed to be superior to traditional curtains in every way. They save you hours because you no longer have heavy curtains to remove, launder, store, and install. They save you thousands of dollars a year because you don’t have the expensive features needed for traditional curtains. How do we achieve all of this? Here are a few of the key features that make it possible:

  • Treated with Aegis Mpact Antimicrobial Treatment with an active ingredient that is EPA registered
  • Lightweight and durable design to save time and manpower to handle them
  • Created with non-woven Polypropylene to eliminate tears and fray

Disposable Curtains Company With Solutions

The addiction is real and more healthcare facilities climb onboard every year. At Cube Care, our addiction involves more than just the curtain. At the end of the day, we’re not just a disposable curtain provider. We provide solutions to our customers that need it. Whether it be:

  • Shipping out all in-stock orders within 24 hours to ensure you’ll never have to wait for curtains
  • Creating our curtains to fit on most existing racks instead of creating lengthy and costly installations
  • Continually adding new colors and designs to make sure that your disposable curtains never look disposable

Our mission will always be to provide solutions.

Make the switch today and you’ll find out why so many healthcare facilities have already become addicted.

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