Did you know that disposable cubicle curtains can free up thousands of dollars a year in your budget? If you’ve already made the switch or have been considering it, that’s probably one of the first things you checked out. You might have also learned about the incredible antimicrobial properties that can reduce HAIs.

These are some of the more attractive benefits that ultimately become the deciding factors to make the switch. But here’s the thing — we think disposable curtains should be more than just what’s necessary. In fact, we want to make sure they are better than traditional curtains in as many ways as possible. That means going beyond what’s expected and improving the current standard.

Disposable Privacy Curtains Tips:

Looking for a few tips about disposable privacy curtains that’ll prove you made the right choice? We’ve got you covered. Here are 5 quick tips about disposable cubicle curtains that you may not know about, but we felt were important:

  • Disposable cubicle curtains really are 100% recyclable. Made with a non-woven polypropylene, our curtains can be used and recycled immediately.
  • They’re fire-retardant. They pass NFPA 701 testing standards as well.
  • They are compliance-friendly. All of our disposable cubicle curtains come with self-auditing labels right at eye-level.
  • Provide real privacy. Created with 100 GSM fabric thickness to ensure patient privacy.
  • Individually packaged. They are individually packaged to keep curtains sterile and clean until needed.

Cubicle Curtain Tracks & Accessories

Disposable privacy curtains are the future and Cube Care is here to make the transition as easy as possible. Whether you need parts for your existing cubicle curtain tracks or not sure what you actually need, we can help. We’ll take into account your unique situation and recommend the best option that may include:

  • Heavy duty tracks
  • Suspended tracks
  • Flexi tracks
  • Classic track with wheel carriers
  • Mini cube
  • And more

We have whatever you need in white, aluminum, or specialty finishes.

Disposable cubicle curtains are constantly adding more benefits to solve real world problems for your facility.

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