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Luxury Bedding for your sleep labs and VIP rooms.
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Bedspread Options 


Bedding Specifications 

This section describes the components, fabrication process, and other elements of the bedding solutions we provide. We fabricate bedding in every style, including: duvet covers, coverlets, throws, bed skirts, bed scarves, box spring covers, pillows, bolsters and more.

Descriptions Dimensions
Twin Long Boy 39"w x 80"l
Full Extra Long 54"w x 80"l
Queen 60"w x 80"l
King 76"w x 80"l
Cal King 72"w x 84"l


Duvet Cover


Fabrication Details

♦ Standard has square corners at top and rounded corners at bottom (square corners at bottom available)
♦ Reinforced top stitching around perimeter with 0.5" stitches
♦ Standard inserts available with 10.0 oz fill
♦ Self-lined and reversible
♦ Specify required drop. Recommend 3" longer than mattress depth


Closure Options

♦ Zipper (standard)
♦ Envelope
♦ Buttons 


Edge Options

♦ Pillowcased (standard)
♦ Flange
♦ Welting (matching or coordinating fabric)
♦ Banding(5.0" at bottom and sides)


Bed Throw

♦ Unquilted
♦ Self-lined, unlined, or contrast lining. Double-sided printing available
♦ 1" rolled hem
♦ Pillow tuck - optional 



♦ Quilted (quilt patterns available)
♦ Specify fill oz. weight. Standard 4 oz. fill
♦ Specify required drop
♦ Pillow tuck – optional 



Select your Style

 The following items are available, but may require additional lead times.

Fabrication Details

♦ Bedspread drops extend to the floor
♦ 54" fabric has seams extending to the top edge of the bedspread
♦ The maximum total finished length is 118" with n 8 oz. fill an 8 oz. fill
♦ Standard pillow tuck of approximately 18"
♦ Lined with poly/cotton fabric
♦ Filled with standard 8 oz. insert material
♦ Specify required bedspread drop
♦ Specify required coverlet drop

Throw Standard

Throw Cap

Throw (Standard) bedspreads offer bell corners at the foot of bed

Throw-style cap bedspreads differ from standard throws in that the end corners are cut and sewn closed.


Throw Waterfall

Throw Open Corner w/ Gussets

Throw waterfall spreads differ from standard throws in that the end corners are split to the mattress edge.

Throws with open corner and gussets differ from
standard throws in that end corners are split to mattress edge and gussets are sewn behind the corners. Non-quilted is standard.



Bed Blanket




Select Quilting Pattern   

♦ Available for fabrics in 54" and 126" widths.
♦ Other quilt styles available at additional cost

Onion Pattern

Double Onion Pattern

Channel Pattern

Diamond Pattern

Select a Fill  

      ♦ No Fill 

      ♦ 4 oz.

      ♦ 6 oz. (standard)

      ♦ 8 oz.

      ♦ 10 oz.





Select Your Bed Skirts  

See diagrams for a selection of standard styles. Other options are available. amples are made for customer approval before final manufacturing.


Box Pleated




Our detachable bed skirt makes care and replacement easier, while maintaining a great look.
Standard bed skirt installation; corner huggers keep the platform base flat. Hidden zippers
on three sides ensure quick and easy removal of the skirt without removing the mattress.
*patent pending


♦ Hidden zipper on three sides
♦ Washable
♦ Flat or box-pleated
♦ Hugger style
♦ Interchangeable skirts
♦ Available in all styles and sizes

Standard Sizes

♦ Twin: 39"w x 80"l
♦ Full: 54"w x 80"l
♦ Queen: 60"w x 80"l
♦ King: 76"w x 80"l
♦ Cal King: 72"w x 84"l

Specify required drop.
Any size available to meet designer specification.


Fabrication Details

♦ Available either lined or unlined
♦ All styles include standard 4" platform strip
♦ Platform (decking) fabric is composed of 70% polyester,30% cotton lining
♦ Please specify required drop.



♦ Tailored: with 4 pleats on Full size, 5 pleats on Queen and King size
♦ Cap: No pleats or split corners
♦ Box Spring Cover: 6.0" wrap at bottom of box spring.Elastic at perimeter.



♦ Box-pleated skirts available upon request.
♦ Available 4.0" lip at head to secure skirt to box spring
♦ Hugger available as an option for all styles
♦ No-slip corner available



Select Your Bed Scarf  


Box Scarf


Fabrication Details

♦ Available either lined or unlined (if unlined should be made with double-sided print or reversible fabric)
♦ Face and back of scarf may be matching or coordinating fabric
♦ May be interlined with flannel or may contain light (4.0 oz) fill 


Standard Sizes

♦ Full: 24"w x 80"l
♦ Queen: 24"w x 86"l
♦ King: 24"w x 102"l 

Sizes may be reduced depending on fabric repeat and/or cost considerations.



♦ Knife edge
♦ Roll-edge
♦ Flange/mitered corners
♦ Welt
♦ Decorative trim/banding
♦ Quilting available with fill



Select Your Pillow Shams & Cushions 

♦ Standard enclosure is envelope (other options include velcro or zipper)


Construction Details

♦ Double-stitching around edges (10 stitches per inch)
♦ Standard stitching is clear polyester monofilament thread   



♦ Envelope (standard) – center closure (side also available)
♦ Velcro
♦ Zipper


Standard Sizes

♦ Twin/Full: 26"w x 20"l
♦ Queen: 30"w x 20"l
♦ King: 36"w x 20"l
♦ Euro: 26"w x 26"l 

Flange sizes 2.0" or 3.0"



♦ Welting/cording
♦ Turkish corners
♦ Knife edge
♦ Flange/mitered corners (2.0" or 3.0") 



♦ Polyester, Poly Cloud, Feather Down
♦ Inserts lined with non-woven polyester fabric; other options are available 


Styles (Other options are available)



Turkish Corner

Pillow Case Sham


Body Sham




Select Your Bolster Type 


Construction Details

♦ PolyDouble-stitching around edges (10 stitches per inch)
♦ Standard thread is polyester in matching/complementary color  


Standard Sizess

♦ Small: 18"l x 8"d
♦ Medium: 24"l x 8"d
♦ Large: 30"l x 8"d
♦ XLarge: 36"l x 8"d



♦ Standard foam insert wrapped with polyester fiberfill
♦ 100% polyester and other insert options available upon request 



♦ Welting/cording
♦ Knife edge
♦ Banding



♦ Fully Sewn
♦ Zipper


Welted End

Knife Edge